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    So, you’ve decided to finally get that home improvement project going that you’ve been yearning for.

    Assuming you already crafted a clear plan, determined the timetable, and did some research about the materials required, your next big step is to find a reliable general contractor – such as IDB Enterprise INC.

    If you haven’t done any of those mentioned steps, go do them first.

    Otherwise, here are some steps to find and evaluate the right remodeling contractor for you.

    How to Find the Right Remodeling Contractor in Woodland Hills, CA

    1. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors

    When you do get recommendations from friends and family, you will want to ask several questions about their experience with the company they hired.

    You will want to know if they would hire them again and if they would recommend them to others.

    Think of the people in your life who underwent a similar project and give them a call.

    Most of your neighbors in the community may have gone through a home improvement project as well.

    You can pay them a visit and ask them about their renovation advice while simultaneously checking out the finished product.

    2. Do a social media “crowd searching”

    This has proven to be an easy and effective way to ask for recommendations for just about anything, because you may get a response from even the most casual of acquaintances.

    Just post something like “Hi, friends! We’ve decided to remodel our home and we’re looking for a reliable general contractor.

    We’d appreciate your recommendations!” You might be surprised by how many people are willing to help.

    Furthermore, this will be very efficient because your online friends will just link contracting companies to your post, allowing for a quick evaluation on your end.

    3. Ask local hardware stores

    Local businesses that supply construction materials to contractors usually have a list of these companies.

    Pay them a visit and ask for the most reputable ones.

    Their recommendations are extremely valuable especially if their business has been around for quite some time.

    4. Search for local listings

    If none of the above options are fruitful, you can always go with the tried and true Google search.

    Make sure to include “Woodland Hills, CA” so you can get the most local results possible.

    Screening Prospective Contractors in Woodland Hills

    At this point, you probably have a decent list of contractors you want to evaluate.

    You want to scrutinize this list and arrive at the most reputable candidates.

    Here’s how you go about it.

    1. Check a firm’s online literature

    Most contracting firms have a website that displays all relevant information like company history, testimonials, a gallery of previous work, a list of services, etc.

    Go over these sites to get a feel for a firm’s legitimacy.

    You can likewise check out their social media accounts to see if people left some feedback there as well.

    2. Try checking review sites

    Check out review sites for the most reputable contractors in your area.

    There are many such websites, including Yelp, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and others.

    Review sites like these allow previous customers to leave feedback about their experience with the contractor.

    It is important to note that some contractors may leave fake reviews for themselves, so you must read through each review carefully.

    A genuine review will give detailed information about working with the contractor, what went well, and what could have been done differently.

    3. Conduct initial phone interviews

    Once you carved your list down to the top 3 or 4, you can phone them for an initial phone interview.

    You can get a lot of information during this step; simply by asking the right questions. For example:

    • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
    • How long have you been in business?
    • Do you have references?
    • Is there a warranty on your work?
    • Can I speak with someone who has worked with you before?
    • Where is your office located?
    • When can I make an appointment at your office?
    • Is it possible for you to come to my home for a final interview?

    4. Conduct a face-to-face interview

    A reputable contractor should have an office you can visit.

    Otherwise, they’re not worth considering.

    Ideally, the contractor would come to your home right away so the interview and the visual inspection could be done on the same day.

    However, it’s still acceptable for a firm to ask you to come down to their office and schedule a viewing afterward.

    In either case, the questions you ask are somewhat similar to the questions you asked over the phone.

    This time, you’ll have the chance to look at credentials, evaluate their business through the physical office, and more importantly, you can gauge the character of the person you’re interviewing.

    Here are the pointers for the interview.

    Look at a portfolio of previous jobs.

    See if they can show you a gallery of past projects so you can get a feel of their style and quality of work.

    Ask relevant questions while you’re at it.

    Ask if they have handled similar projects in the past.

    Ask about their experience with similar projects in your area or neighborhood if they don’t have any case studies available on their website or brochure.

    This is important because although most contractors are versatile, finding one that has specialized in a project like yours is a delightful bonus.

    Ask about required permits and inspections.

    If your project requires permits or inspections by the local government, ask how these are obtained and if he is willing to get them for you.

    Inquire if the project will have a dedicated crew.

    Most contractors hire subcontractors or workers to help them complete projects.

    Make sure the crew assigned to your home is fully trained and experienced.

    It’s also worth asking if they’ve worked together before so there’s less chance of miscommunication between workers.

    5. Host a viewing of the property

    In the event that a home visit is scheduled on a different date, below is a set of pointers you can go through after they’ve had a chance to look at your property.

    Show them your plan and get their feedback.

    A smart contractor will accept your plans with respect and provide some advice.

    You can typically tell how competent they are by how they give ideas and ask relevant questions.

    Request a material cost estimate.

    A skilled contractor would be able to offer a professional and thorough estimate of the project’s materials.

    He would also know where to get them.

    Ask about the project’s schedule.

    A good contractor knows how long it will take to complete a project and will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate.

    Also, discuss how changes in the timetable should be handled.

    Ask about the payment plan.

    Never let work start on your property without a clear and elaborate agreement about the payment schedule.

    Ask how the company will invoice you and when.

    Ask about work and material warranties.

    You want assurances that any problems or mistakes on their end will be resolved quickly at no additional charge to you.

    Make sure the contract will include clauses about warranties.

    How to Find the Right Remodeling Contractor in Woodland Hills – Conclusion

    Now that you have decided it is time to remodel your home, you need to find the best contractor for the job.

    A good home remodeling contractor will turn your dream home into a reality, so make sure you scout for a good list of options, then diligently screen them to find the best one for you.

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      Need a reliable home remodeling company? Fill out the form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      Get in touch with our team for a free quote!

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