How Much Does A Kitchen And Bathroom Renovation Cost?

The kitchen and the bathroom are the most commonly remodeled parts of the home.

It makes sense because, if you think about it, these rooms are the most utilized, hence they need the most updating.

In a nutshell, the national average cost to get it done is $26,000 for a kitchen and $10,000 for a bathroom.

Needless to say, these numbers hinge on many factors, which we will outline in this post.

As an added bonus, we’ll also give you pointers about why doing both bathroom and kitchen renovations at the same time is usually a good idea.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling


Location is one of the most important factors when determining the cost of your project Are you in a prime area like New York or Los Angeles, California?

Then it will be a lot easier to get what you want at a reasonable cost because of many competing providers, but state taxes, material costs, and labor costs might drive up that price.

If you live in a more rural area, expect lower prices, but because there is little competition, there might be a less defined standard of quality, hence you run the risk of subpar work.

These assertions may not always be accurate, but for sure you understand how location affects the overall cost of this project.


This is perhaps, a glaringly obvious factor in the discussion.

In general, smaller spaces cost less to renovate than larger spaces do because there are fewer materials required for them.

Larger spaces also take longer for plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople to complete, so plan on leaving yourself plenty of time for the project.

Room Features

The general layout of both rooms along with the features that need to be modified also play a big role in the cost of the entire project.

For instance, bathrooms with bathtubs typically cost more to renovate than those with showers.

This is because bathtub enclosures need to be custom-built and require extra framing work around them.

Bathtubs also require special waterproofing materials around their base and drain pipes that can become expensive if they leak or crack.

Showers, on the other hand, are easier and less expensive to install because they don’t require any special framing work or waterproofing materials around them.

Kitchens with islands tend to be more expensive than those without islands because they take up extra space in an already small space and require additional electrical outlets and plumbing hookups for sinks, refrigerators, and stoves — all of which add up quickly in labor costs.

The Complexity of the Project

The overall price is also predicated upon the extent of work you want to be done to these spaces.

Of course, if you’re only looking to update appliances or fixtures, then the price isn’t as much of an issue as it would be if you were considering a major renovation such as adding an island or knocking down walls between rooms.

Choice of Materials

As a homeowner who decides to take on this home improvement project, you will be presented with choices regarding materials, and your choice will have a direct impact on the overall cost.

For example, granite countertops tend to be more expensive than laminate countertops, while tile floors are less expensive than hardwood floors.

You can save money by choosing less-expensive materials, but keep in mind that they may require more maintenance over time.

If you want custom cabinets or countertops, expect them to cost more than standard items from home centers or big box stores.

You may also pay extra for custom door styles if they aren’t available at your local hardware store.

The Contractor You Hire

While some people may be able to do some of the work themselves, it’s unlikely they have all of the skills and tools needed to complete a full-scale remodeling.

Therefore, hiring a general contractor is always going to be your safest call.

The contractor you hire can have a significant impact on the cost of your project.

There are professional contractors who have been doing this for years and can help you with everything from design ideas to choosing materials and helping you stay within your budget.

Then there are others who may be less experienced or not as well qualified, but they offer lower prices to entice customers.

It’s important to do your research before hiring anyone, but if you’re not sure where to start, ask friends or family members for recommendations or look at reviews online.

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Why Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bathroom at the Same Time is a Good Idea

Trying to tackle two regions at the same time might seem insane!

Despite the hurdles, the benefits of renovating two places simultaneously outweigh the extra effort.

Cut Renovation Costs in Half

Renovations are often expensive, and when you divide your tasks, the cost of supplies might rise.

Many contractors will charge more for minor work than more extensive or more complex projects.

When you merge related spaces, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, you may save even more money by using the same materials for countertops and flooring for both rooms.

Combining projects helps to cut expenses because a contractor has less time to devote to the project.

Consider the demolition phase: finishing both rooms at the same time means you only need to rent a dumpster once.

The same is true for each stage of the procedure.

Instead of hiring a plumber two or three times per room, combining the process allows you to accomplish each phase simultaneously.

Reduce Time by Half

Upgrading both at the same time is difficult, but if you intend to do both eventually, finishing the job at once will save you plenty of precious time.

Make sure you get a contractor that can work in both places at the same time.

Cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, for example, might be created and fitted at the same time.

The same is true for painting, tiling, and plumbing.

When you simplify your task, you avoid delays, difficulties, and material expenses.

Reduce the Stress

A home improvement project for any given room is inherently stressful because it entails an elaborate planning and budgeting stage, not to mention the extensive and meticulous process of scouting and vetting remodelers!

Having to do all these twice will no doubt be a cumbersome task.

Therefore, doing it once correctly will save a homeowner plenty of mental energy.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Costs- Conclusion

One final thing to remember is that kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels are dependent on personal taste.

This means that you cannot always base the price of these types of remodels solely on the information provided by the contractors and suppliers.

You have to decide what it is that you want and then go out and get professional help in making your vision a reality.