A garage can be converted to an ADU,  a master ensuite, office space, and more.

We provide an opportunity to develop smart solutions that will increase the capabilities for underutilized garages and turn them into quality spaces designed and built specifically to your needs. 

Garage Conversions With IDB Enterprise

This type of conversion project is designed to turn your garage space into something you can use for a function other than just parking, especially if you already have an attached garage.

These are quickly becoming some of the most popular home improvement projects since more and more people are trying their luck at flipping or renting out garages rather than keeping them as storage units or parking spaces.

Why Convert Your Garage?

To Add Value to Your Home

Converting your garage is an excellent way to add value to your home.

IDB Enterprise can help you figure out how much space you have available, then provide assistance with design and installation.

Extra rooms make all the difference when it comes to selling property, and adding another bedroom can increase its worth by up to 10%.

To Extend Your Living Space

Converting your garage into a second bedroom or even a home office can be the perfect solution if you’re short on space.

You’ll have more room for everything you need in life without having to make significant structural changes to your house.

To Maximize an Oversized Garage

There are many reasons why your garage might be oversized.

It might have been that way when you bought the house, or your family might have had three cars in the past, and now you only have one.

In any case, garage conversions are a great way to turn wasted space into something useful and valuable.

To Add a Room for Recreation 

A recreational room is an excellent use of space if you want to spend more time with family and friends.

It’s also a perfect place for entertaining guests who come over for dinner or drinks.

The list of recreational things you can do with this extra space is endless, and you’re only limited by your imagination.

IDB Enterprise Can Help You With The Following Garage Conversion Concepts

Home Office Garage

With the work-from-home setup becoming increasingly mainstream in recent times, more and more families see the need for a dedicated home office.

If you want to use your garage for more than just storage, this is the best option.

A home office will allow you to get away from distractions in your home and focus on tasks.

You can even set up a separate entrance so that customers or clients don’t see it when they come by.

We’ll even help you set up an internet connection so that you can work remotely if needed!

This is also ideal for solo practitioners like lawyers and dentists because it allows them to see clients and patients at home conveniently.

Man Cave Garage

A man cave is just what it sounds like: a place where men can go to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work.

This may contain anything from a poker table with dim lighting and beer on tap to an arcade machine room with pinball machines and old-school arcade games! Whatever your idea is, we can help make it happen!

Arts and Hobby Room

A lot of homeowners have hobbies that could benefit from having somewhere dedicated to them at home.

This might include painting or photography, as well as sewing or knitting.

Why not turn your unused garage into an art studio where you can do all these things?

This will give you somewhere private where you can relax while working on your craft without having to worry about getting distracted by daily life.

Kitchen Extension

Converting an attached garage into an extension of the kitchen space is a great way to optimize your home to accommodate a growing family or host a bunch of get-togethers.

This will often involve tremendous work like tearing down a wall, but the end result will be a spacious kitchen complete with all features such as a breakfast nook or multiple sinks!

Second Floor to a Garage

This concept is best suited for those with a separate garage.

Adding a second floor to your existing garage is a great way to make it more valuable and attractive.

This means that you can keep all your vehicles in one place and use the second floor for whatever purpose you can think of.

That added story to the garage can be a second dining room for get-togethers, a game room, storage, or a guest bedroom that you can also rent out on Airbnb!

Garage Conversions- Summary

We work with clients to help transform their existing garages into purpose-built spaces that fit their needs perfectly.

From start to finish, we ensure that your project is managed in a professional manner by our team of expert tradesmen and friendly customer service staff.

Whether you are looking to convert a whole garage or just a part of it, IDB can provide you with all the help you need.